By / 15th April, 2017 / Blue Mountains Travel Blog

The maple leave is not only well-known in Canada. In many parts of Australia Autumn is energized by vibrant tree displays especially in the beautiful Blue Mountains in New South Wales Australia.

Blackheath, a great weekend getaway place with stunning, beautiful, Autumn colours and the Campbell Rhododendron Gardens’ welcome visitors with full display of intense orange and red colour leaves that keeps your camera rolling to capture the perfect moment of lights and richly varied colours.

Nature put on its ultimate show and showcasing not just native trees but many exotic species like maple, oak, ash, beech, linden, pear, cherry and crepe myrtle. Colourful mature trees line the back streets of Blackheath town centre.

Other places like Mount tomah botanic Garden, the everglades Garden in Leura,
Wentworth Falls lake (kids friendly) offer many great picnic spots in this golden season.

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